Nunaka - characters

I created a large chunk of the 3D art in the multi-award-winning game Nunaka, developed by FableVision Studios in conjunction with Chugachmiut, a non-profit Tribal consortium that promotes self-determination to the seven Native communities of the Chugach Region (Alaska). Nunaka is an early childhood mobile game that excites 3-5-year-olds about the Alaska Native Sugpiaq culture, teaches the Sugt'stun language, and targets key school readiness goals.

I created most of the hair and clothing variations for the character creator. Here I'm showing combinations of the various looks available for players to customize.

Screenshots show the work of many talented individuals.
Christina Kelly was the Art Director and Concept Artist.
Brookes Eggleston modeled the base body of the character, and the initial face, hair, and clothing before I created customizations.
Owen Hey created our custom shader in Unity to create the sketchy effect.
Christina Kelly, Vath Doangpratheep, and Julie Oliveira created the UI art.

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2023 James Paul GEE! Learning Game Awards - Best Formal Learning (Elementary) game
2023 Serious Play Awards Program - Gold Metal, Professional Digital Entries (Preschool Education)
2024 Kidscreen Awards - Nominee, Best Preschool Digital Learning App - Original