Volkswagen Jetta

An exercise in realism modeling a 2006 Volkswagen Jetta (I took some creative liberties based on later models for features that were unclear in my reference photos of the 2006 model).

This is a personal project but the target platform would be modern high-end PC game. The model is 75K tris and the textures are 4Kpx.

3ds Max for modeling, Substance Painter and a bit of Photoshop for textures. Renders are from Substance Painter viewport. I got most of the materials from Substance Source and made some little edits as necessary, but there's tons of cool stuff in there that worked pretty well here.

This is an overhaul of an old project that was made to a lower spec. I added more detail and better topology but there are small minor details I left out to avoid diminishing returns, and I left the interior pretty barebones. This is a straight-from-the-showroom-floor model with very little wear and tear.